Always on the lookout for ways to transform my space and mood, I recently stumbled on a bargain of heady transformation.

Brooklyn Perfume Company sells four samples of their remarkable eaux fraiches for $20. Roughly translated as “cool water” each is a single natural essence — Galbanum, Vetiver, Neroli, and Violet Leaf —in alcohol and water, meant to “brighten, freshen, cleanse”. All present varying degrees of “green”, evoking compelling aspects of gardens and woods:

Galbanum , the “greenest”, smells herbaceous, reminiscent of fine gin.

Vetiver brings to mind freshly mowed grass, earth, and loam, blended with rare woods.

Violet Leaf evokes cucumbers, green stems, and sugar snap peas.

Neroli bears the scent of delicate bitter orange blossoms, with faint “green” undertones.

Writes Brooklyn Perfume Company’s Jim Peterson in Why Eau Fraiches?

Spray a little toward the ceiling and stand under, letting the mist fall upon you, or spritz yourself directly in the face (eyes closed) for a burst of clean scent.

Many like to collect and layer the various eaux fraîches to create distinct and fascinating personal scents. They are beautiful in a room and as a refreshing face spray in the afternoon.

The scents are singular and elemental, a fine way to subtly evoke Nature indoors. I often spray one or two around my bed for a dreamy, relaxing sleep; mixing them creates surprising nuance.

I have been wearing Vetiver, which lasts the longest, as a subtle and complex perfume.

Jim Peterson’s eaux fraiches are a deeply pleasurable lesson in green.

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2 replies on “Scent Your Space with “Eaux Fraîches” of Green Leaves, Grass, Loam

  1. i just ordered samples of all 4 scents and can’t wait to test them.
    it’s too bad there is no store front for brooklyn perfume company as i will be there next week and would have loved to sample them personally.

  2. Chef Peterson also sells the most wonderful hand sanitizer! I’m hooked on Geranium. Nicely scented, it also leaves my hands soft.

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