One of the things that went by the wayside during the renovation of Improvised Life was its Shop, a compendium of items I’ve found worth the money to buy. It was too much to maintain, and I figured not that much interest to readers UNTIL one wrote to say “Hey, where is the shop?…

It was very handy for gifting and remembering specific products you\’ve talked about, and it\’s nice to be able to buy via affiliate links to support the site a tiny bit in addition to the membership. 

You can easily find many of the items that were in the Shop in the Topic GIFTS on the sidebar.  All my favorites are there, including the holiday posts I wrote rounding up recommendations. Most are the gifts are evergreens, enduringly good.

Other Topics that round up good items are HOUSEWARES and BOOKS & ZINES.

Anything you buy through our affiliate DOES help support Improvised Life and is greatly appreciated. As I’m pretty sure most of things you give from these pages will be…

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One thought on “How to Shop Improvised Life

  1. I am also glad to see the shop feature back. I did not get that much before, but the few times I did, I was so pleased. The little French paring knives were wonderful for me and also as “thought” gifts to good friends (there is a Southern superstition – I grew up in Mississippi and now live in New Orleans – that when you give someone something that cuts – knife, scissors, etc.- you must also have them pay you a penny….otherwise, the cut can sever the friendship, their purchase negates the curse.). You introduced me to Rebecca Solnit, and I love Bird by Bird….
    thank you!

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