Every December in a village in northern Argentina, Jorge Gervasi and his son Jorgito transform their modest family home into an elaborate display of festive lights. This sweet, slightly Fellini-esque short film captures the hard work, missteps and dreams that go into the remarkable undertaking that their neighbors call “la casa de las luces”, the house of lights.

(The film is rather languidly edited. If you’re in a hurry, we recommend starting at 1:00 and ending around 3:10; then jumping to 4:30 to the end).

We love the father and son’s shared vision of their luminous monument, and its reminder of the challenging creative process, wild cards and acceptance of imperfections that are inevitably part of any masterpiece.

A load of things don’t work.


Yeah, well, what are you going to do.


This one doesn’t work either.


Ah, well, nevermind.


We rushed it.


The storm was the problem…

Manuel Abramovich and Juan Renau

Wishing you a wondrous holiday and wildly creative year to come, from Improvised Life!


via Nowness

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2 replies on “The Lights: A Father and Son’s Luminous Monument to Creative Obsession

  1. Magnificent! Thanks. Happy Christmas to all the improvisers. Cheers!

  2. Magnificent! Thanks. Happy Christmas to all the improvisers. Cheers!

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