In this 16-second film by Crictor, a blow torch + hair dryer + popcorn (with brick and duct tape) makes for a curiously zen moment.  We found two haiku to go with it, brilliant entries to a Popcorn Haiku contest at the Denver Post.


Show, golden kernel,
Your tender white potential.
Reveal inner bliss.
Explosion is birth.
Multi-lobed orbs of goodness.
Want butter on that?


Both were written by a Denver Post reader named Carol Nelson. It reminded us of our friend Tim Chegwidden’s Time Limited Mind Sharpening Practice about his exercise of regularly writing a poem in a limited amount of time.  So we sat down to try writing a poem to accompany Crictor’s Popcorn.   Here are three versions we wrote in our ten minutes:


Not very good but no matter.  We found ourself accessing a different part of our brain as we felt our way to finding words to accompany feeling and image…

…And that expansive feeling accompanied us all day…


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2 replies on “A 16-Second Film’s Moment of Zen Sparks Haiku and a Writing Practice

  1. One hand drops the kernel
    Into the torch;
    The other plucks popcorn
    Out of cool air!

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