Over the years, artist-scientist Thomas Ashcraft has made artful iterations of a message that we’ve found deeply heartening. Especially so now, in this frightening time of coronovirus and its threat of pandemic:

When poisons get too heavy

know that

Cures arise     Remedies appear

They      come to mind
They    appear at hand

( Because they are nearby and
this is the way it has always been. )


Ashcraft, who has described himself as “extrapolator, experimenter, practitioner of the scientific method; Practitioner of slant vision, of micro-monumentalism, of ultra-logic and chance; Sculptor; Artisan; Cultivator; Electro-Receptor”  has long married his art with deep scientific observation and inquiry.  We’ve written about him numerous times.  We featured an image of his Trans-species Jump Coin — a work from his long study of bacteria and viruses — in our post What A Noted Virologist Is Advising Family And Friends About Coronavirus.  He is a poetic artist/scientist who knows what he is talking about.

Ashcraft’s sign calls to mind a bigger view that we know to be true, a reminder we need right now.


Explore his work at Heliotown.

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