Five Seasons, The Gardens of Piet Oudolf is a poetic documentary about revolutionary Dutch landscape designer Piet Oudolf. He is widely known for his design of the elevated High Line Park in New York City in which he choreographed plants that would naturally grow wild in the area — weeds —into year-round beauty that changes with the season.

Piet Oudolf

The film is a revelation for its insight into Oudolf’s creative process, from his aesthetic theories to his strikingly abstract sketches. They are the tools of an artist. Plants are the medium in which he works, blending the colors and textures they will become through every season, to bring out emotion, “a very strong emotion in the field”.

Fall Garden / Piet Oudolf and Thomas Piper

He makes us see their beauty even when dried and dormant.

I think it’s the journey of your life to find out what real beauty is, but also to discover beauty in things that are, at first sight, not beautiful.

Winter Garden / Piet Oudolf and Thomas Piper

Oudolf has published a number of books that describe his thinking and ways of achieving his remarkable garden designs yourself. We like Dream Plants for the Natural Garden that employs resilient garden plants focused heavily on seasonally dynamic herbaceous perennials and self-seeding wildflowers.

It is time to plant and dream…

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