It has been a personally challenging time of late with a dear friend in dire straits needing help and another passing away, on top of ongoing navigation of the coronavirus and social upheaval, with many prohibitions, unknowns, lockdowns, curfews. I was managing well for a while until I hit a threshold that said “something has to give”. Writing is impossible.

I’m taking some time off from publishing Improvised Life to focus on the matters at hand, despite the ideas stacking up that I’d love to share, and my tardiness in thanking the many people who have generously donated to its upkeep and support.

I’ll be back in a week or so with new articles and much to say…as I anticipate THIS state of being captured by the great eighteenth century haiku-poet Buson:

Coming back 
      so many pathways
through the spring grass.        

Thanks for bearing with.


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