Even though I am a dedicated wearer of masks for Covid-19 prevention, I have had many questions about how they work and to what degree. This remarkable video demonstrates visually, scientifically just what masks do and don’t do, and resolves much conflicting information about them.

Fluid dynamicist Matthew Staymates used a technique called Schlieren imaging to capture what is normally invisible to our eyes: what happens when we breath out, and how masks work to slow airborne infection carried on our breath.

The gist was summed up by host Dr. Joe Hansen:

Viruses are carried on the breath like a river carries fish. Without a mask, the river is strong and travels much farther. Masks slow that river down significantly, localizing it into swirls and eddies just a few inches from our bodies.

It also shows an experiment by Dr. Richard Davids:

When…he sneezed, sang, talked and coughed toward an agar culture plate with or without a mask, bacteria colonies show where droplets landed. A mask blocked virtually all of them.

Roopa Pemmaraju

Why Masks Work answers essential questions, and helps in navigating as the lockdown is lifted and the virus remains…

  • Why masks work?
  • Can masks harm your health?
  • How should I NOT wear a mask?
  • Which mask is the best mask?

It leaves no doubt that wearing a mask, in league with hand washing and social distancing, provides a high level of protection.

Masks are a sign you want to protect others and have them protect you.

Wearing a mask sends a message: We’re all in this together.

Found at the great The Kids Should See This

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