Textile artist Kaffe Fassett likens color to oxygen, “…like breathing”. In this short video, he describes how he relies on color for healing, something it seems, we can all do:

If I’m feeling ill or depressed, if you shove me into a garden full of color I revive.

It’s life enhancing…

It’s like an emotional charge.

Kaffe Fassett

We find we have only be aware of the colors around us, tune in to them, to feel an effect. Perhaps because color is so much about light, we feel it as energy, like the sun. A garden full of color, an artwork full of color, a textile full of color, sky full of color, a book full of color…

Lift your spirit. It’s possible to do with color. It’s probably one of the most powerful forces for lifting our spirit.

Kaffe Fassett

We’re reminded of Rumi who saw colors as being generated by love:

….walk out like someone
suddenly born into color…

Kaffe Fassett “Green and Blue Still Life” Courtesy of Big Sur Arts

Susan Dworski, who alerted us to this video, shared this about Fassett:

I have several of his books and refer to them often as beacons of hope and inspiration during these dark times. Even if you’re not a hands-on crafter, his joyful exuberance sets the pages afire, like colored rays through a stained glass window.

Everyone should know Kaffe. Especially now.

Fassett’s MANY books and textiles are available at Amazon.

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  1. Oh my…
    I totally concur….
    Adds smiles to your life……

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