In advance of reopening after months of coronavirus lockdown, the Metropolitan Museum of Art posted words by Yoko Ono on its facade. With “Dream Together”, Ono proclaims her vision for navigating our changed lives.

Yoko Ono / via @RogerClark41

When we dream together, we create a new reality. The world is suffering terribly, but we are together, even it it can be hard to see at times, and our only way through this crisis will be together. Each one of us has the power to change the world. Remember love. DREAM TOGETHER.

Yoko Ono / via @RogerClark41

It is heartening to see her presence populating what was for too long empty space, with a vision she’s been true to for decades, consistently, through very dark times.

As with much of Ono’s work, the individual words have a meaning and resonance unto themselves.

Found at GothamToGo. Thanks Lynn!

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