After months being seriously home-bound, I’ve found myself looking around my space for ways to shift my head. For me, one of the simplest and most effective ways is with paint.

As I mulled possible colors and finishes, inspiration began to fly over my transom. I love the assymetrical crackle of color at top that is the brainchild of Muller Van Severen, Antwerp designers featured @cos.

Katharina Grosse, “This Drove My Mother up the Wall, South London Gallery, London UK

Artist Katharina Grosse‘s installations often take the form of sprayed, negative spaces and roughly painted walls. I’m crazy for her corner splotched with green.

Katharina Grosse

The beauty of roughly-painted patches are echoed in this strangely wonderful bathroom. The walls are left aged, and who knows what the story is behind those blocks of paint. But they are beautiful.

Francois Halard [email protected]

Then Ellen Silverman sent a link to’s videos about Andrea Zittel, whose “Investigative Living” I’ve written about a number of times.

Zittel, whose focus of inquiry is everything necessary for daily life —the spaces and designs we employ for sleeping, eating, socializing — put her finger on why I (and perhaps so many other people) feel the need to change their environment:

“We’re obsessed with perfection, we’re obsessed with innovation and moving forwards. But what we really want is the hope of some sort of a new and improved or better tomorrow.”

Yeah “what I really want is the hope…

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