We’re inspired in so many ways by graffiti artist Banksy’s brilliant tutorial done to the words of Bob Ross, TV painting instructor and host of the beloved Joy of Painting show from 1983 to 1994.

It shows Banksy creating a stenciled artwork of a prisoner escaping the high walls of Reading Gaol, known for its most famous inmate, Oscar Wilde, who served two years in the late 1900’s for being gay. The work is done quickly, in near darkness using a head lamp, to Ross’ curated words:

It should give you a lot of ideas for a lot of crazy things that you can do.

Graffiti Artist’s Coat, photographer unknown

The video shows the normally-secretive Banksy’s technique in rare detail… (ah, THAT’S how he does it…)

We just want to show you a technique and turn you loose on the world. Just absolutely turn you loose on the world.

Still from “Create Escape” / Banksy

…And Ross’ expressive philosophy that Banksy no doubt embraces…

Painting to me represents freedom. I can create the kind of world that I want to see, that I want to be part of.

Still from “Create Escape” / Banksy

Our experience with painting and other creative work, no matter the form or degree of (non) expertise has this effect: a tangible feeling of freedom…

…the ability to Create Escape from our usual mindset and routine…

Banksy expands the view…

(One morning, I dipped a thick brush in India ink and painted whatever wanted to come, making signs for myself, no one else. Liberated from a public view, or the need to be “any good” or talented…following lines of non-linear expression yields calming, illuminating, surprising images…another language all-together… — SS.)

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