Ever since we spotted this house with framed art on the outside, we’ve been thinking about wonderful places to hang pictures that most people don’t use. Too bad we never took one of the porch on our friend Tom Fallon’s gingerbread Victorian house on Shelter Island, hung with primitive paintings that gave it the cozyness of a living room with a plein air feeling. (Here’s the house with one of its three porches to imagine that lovely outdoor room…)

Tom Fallon Shelter Island Exterior

We are partial to cupboards and doors hung with art, which often disguises them by making them seem wall-like. Like these at a restaurant in Italy:

via @tat.london via @bellinitravel

…and this steel door with images held fast with magnets…

Emily Johnson

…And drawings tacked onto an armoire in artist Heather Chontos’ atelier in France. (Pictures hidden inside cupboards and closets are wonderful to find):

Heather Chontos

We love how Christo and Jeanne-Claude made a tight stack of framed art to climb up a narrow stretch of wall; they almost become an sort of sculpture…

via @beau_traps

Perhaps our all-time favorite are the poster’s artist Isabel Rower staple-gunned onto her ceiling:

Sally Schneider

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