We’ve suddenly realized that we’re heading into the home stretch of summer, with September in the too-near distance, and feel, well, we really need to STOP. We are world-weary, still.

We need to get out of the city and our routines. So we’re heading OUT, with a pile of books and plans to leave our phone OFF as much as possible, to disengage it’s exhausting auto-pilot. We’re going to immerse ourselves in deep analog.

Sally Schneider

We will wander, cook, forest bathe, windwalk, nap, knowing that Buson’s amended haiku will come true:

Short nap –
spring summer was gone.

We’ll be back after Labor Day.

In the meantime, you’ll find thousands of illuminating paths to follow in our vast archive. You can search by category in our TOPICS drop-down menu in the navigation above, or on the right side bar. Scrolling the home page will take you back years and into some very cool things.

We’re wishing you wondrous days…

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