At the great Kevin Kelly’s newsletter Recommendo, he mentions “the best, most succinct roundup of productivity techniques I’ve seen”. The 16-minute video is a rapid-fire overview and ranking of 16 productivity-fueling practices by Ali Abdaal, a productivity and life-style design blogger who speaks faster than anyone we know. Annoying but worth it.

Like Kelly, we learned a few seriously useful tricks that compliment our current theme of deconstructing our old driven routines into a way more spacious life. We were reminded of a Seth Godin post we read years ago:

We love and are heartened by the all-time best practice which comes at the end of the video:

Enjoying the journey is the ultimate productivity hack because when we’re having fun when we’re having fun doing the stuff that we need to do or that we want to do then productivity just magically takes care of itself…

…and you don’t need to like worry about distraction and procrastination from doing something you genuinely enjoy…

and so if we can find ways to make sure we’re enjoying the journey of all the things we have to do like writing a book or filming this video or going to work studying for our exams if we can find ways to make it more fun then our productivity just gets automatically taken care of…

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