Over the decade or so Improvised Life has been sending up smoke signals, we’ve published A LOT of recipes, many geared to the holidays and Thanksgiving, from foolproof turkey roasting strategies (including a quicker, easier dry brine that yields a seriously juicy bird), cranberry sauce, fruit tarts…  To find them,  type T H A N K S G I V I N G into the Search bar at the top right of the homepage…

…OR simply scroll through our vast archive of recipes. You’ll find unexpected ideas for what will likely still be a very non-traditional holiday. (Everyone we know is making it up as they go along.) 

There are lots of ways to celebrate. Here are a few ideas:

Giant Chewy, Crispy, Eggy Parmigiano Popover

This easy-to-make popover is like a savory cheese gougere baked in a skillet.  It is perfect with cocktails, as a laid back meal (with a salad) or stellar breakfast.  Recipe here.

Sally Schneider

Pasta Al Limone (Lemon Pasta) After Sandro Fioriti

Sometimes a bowl of pasta is what is needed. This Pasta al Limone chases after the flavor and effect of the sublime version served at Sandro’s in NYC: spaghetti perfectly cooked al dente slicked with a suave, subtly lemon, perfectly-balanced sauce. Recipe here.

Sally Schneider

Seven Hour “Spoon” Lamb

One of our favorite chilly-weather dishes is also the homeliest-looking: Seven hours slow cooking a leg of lamb fills the house with astonishing aromas. The falling off-the bone meat is so tender, it can literally be eaten with a spoon. Recipe here. Serve over Celery Root puree (recipe here), mashed potatoes (recipe here), or buttered noodles.

Sally Schneider

Key Lime Or Lemon Hand Pies

Key Lime (or other Fragrant Citrus) Hand-Pies are a quick bite of tart, refreshing citrus which are at their peak in winter months. If you buy very good butter cookies as the base, you can whip the two-ingredient filling curd in no time.  Assemble a la minute as you need or crave them. Recipe here.

Sally Schneider

Scroll through the RECIPE ARCHIVE for more big ideas.

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