The strangely wonderful website This to That employs a simple widget “to help you choose the right glue for your bonding requirements.” You type in the two materials you want to bond and it gives a list of the best options. Glue knowledge is the site’s sole mission. We learned a LOT.

Although we have the feeling that it may not be up-to-date with the latest in glue technology, This to That offers a trove of useful information about glue. Under Philosophy, we found this zennish principle…

The primary principle of glue is much like any relationship in that the adhesive must fit the adherend.

….along with 5 practical recommendations for choosing and working with glue, like this one we often forget:

Understanding how a glue works will help you choose the right glue for the job. The manufacturer knows their glue better than the cashier at the hardware store. Reading the label thoroughly will help you know if a glue is appropriate for your needs. Also, many glues have a help line or a website.

Talking to an expert at a help line led us to a solvent for a fierce glue we were trying to pry off some granite.

A giant piece of chewed gum mounted on a wall as if discarded, by Gavin Turk. “Turk has made many artworks using chewing gum, and this piece is from a series of large, manufactured blobs attached to the gallery wall.” Photo by Stephen White

The Glues of the Month page includes some glues made from household ingredients that we love knowing about, like Juicy Fruit Gum

…(already chewed, of course) Any one who has tried to break a bond made with this product, will know of its amazing adherent qualities!

…and EGGS!


 Remember to keep the glue in the fridge if you are planning to eat what you have glued together

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