The most astonishing runway show we’ve ever seen is Shaheel Shermont Flair’s deeply improvised TikTok series made at his somewhat bedraggled home on Figj With the serious, stylized prance of traditional fashion shows, he models a screen door, a piece of corrugated tin, a wooden bench, a bed frame, a blue barrel, a huge piece of siding… They went viral over the past week, sparking comments like this:

Genius.. 💯.. who? .. most refreshing “show” in forever.

Art critic Jerry Saltz featured this great compilation on his instagram:

You can see Shermont’s numerous original TikToks here and at his instagram, shermont_22.


full part 1 to 10 compilation incase if you missed any 😂

♬ Cumbia Buena – Grupo La Cumbia

Shermont nailed the walk and the vibe and the music of “straight” fashion show and somehow imbued his hilarious genius fashions with extraordinary style.

He’s made an original, complex, mesmerizing, really funny commentary (that we can’t begin to parse) on way more than the runway. We find his resourcefulness, humor and creativity deeply hopeful and affirming.

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