New York Magazine’s recent article about designer Todd Oldham’s house in the Poconos is a revelation: an over-the-top, completely original color-riot of a “country house”. We especially love Oldham’s solution to a leak that damaged the striped bedroom walls:

Our bedroom is kind of stuck on the outside of the house, and we had a leak and it damaged the paint and wall. I didn’t want to put it back like it was, so I just put up dripping red plywood and added a few more drips.

Todd Oldham

…and brilliant use of Flor tiles which we’ve always viewed as strangely thin and cheapish-looking:

I got 18 different tiles of the most boring tans and grays and then put the whole thing in. I plumbed it off the tiniest part of the house-the carpet lines up in the dining room, but in the entire house the carpet is crooked.

But most of all we love his essential design philosophy:

 (The house) has never been finished as I kind of view design like gardening: You are just constantly doing something. It has been in a constant state of change, design just piling up.

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