Recently, the always-surprising Elan Kiderman Ullendorff of Deep Sea Diving Newsletter featured stuff he found on Etsy by selecting “Highest Price” to hone his search results. In doing so, he stumbled upon an extreme edge of the normally-placid site.

Nestled among “10 extremely expensive items on Etsy”, which includes a Death Spell and a Massive Mystery Box, is the Erotic Bouncy Castle for $38,602.76.

Inflatable figure is fully functional Bouncy Castle that resembles the look of a Marble Sculpture but appears to be soft and bouncy. Despite the vivid form of male and female genitals – the sculpture is made in very delicate manner.

This Inflatable Figure is a very bold statement but honest work of art. It was made to celebrate the Male and Female beginnings, and its erotic context can be related to absolutely everyone who views it. It leaves people in surprise and adults who jumps on it – experience innocent smile, which is also a very interesting paradox! Its also an immersive piece – as you can switch off the Air Blower and the Penis will start softly falling on peoples heads. Turn it on, and it all rises again in full glory!

The gif is bomb! We’re thinking THAT is the artwork…

We love the life strategy in Deep Sea Diving’s approach:

If you want to find the people who are bending the rules of what a platform is built for, you have to surf its margins…

….(platform”… “society”, “culture”, “community”….)

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