The strange brilliance of ordinary humans heartens us daily. High on the list of late is this remarkable invention by a woman traveler passing through a busy airport in the time of high virus threat. At first we thought her remarkable hack was done with a pop-up laundry hamper like the one we have in our closet. But further investigation revealed that it is likely a Mini Pop-up Greenhouse with clear plastic walls, available at Walmart.

As she engaged with her cellphone we realized that her invention evokes some of the secure, enclosed feeling of an old fashioned phone booth…

Her remarkable creation is up there with the headdress I saw a stranger wearing one day in New York City. When I admired it and asked how he came to make it, is said simply,

To maintain camouflage.

Sally Schneider

It reminds us of the great Marc Johns words on “Creating Your Own Crazy Vision”, the theme of a number of his drawings.

Listen closely to your heart, ideas, feelings and bring them to awareness…

THAT is a practice…

…then start moving toward what form they might take.

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