Dear Readers Who Feel Like Friends,

Much has changed since I launched Improvised Life 14 or so years ago in a wonderful big LEAP that would engender 4700 posts on a wild range of subjects.

I’ve grown older and with that found myself heeding a necessary call to focus on essentials, the most pressing of which is my health. The past months have been challenging, requiring a lot of time and care and a reorientation of priorities. 

Hence the reason for less frequent postings to Improvised Life. Although I find ideas for posts daily, crafting them has proven harder and slower, with less time and focus to do them as I’d like. For the first time in several decades, I find myself missing deadlines. My energies have been going to finding a path of healing.

I still love transmitting messages of illumination, surprise, and uplift into the world. And I delight in the messages I receive back from its unique and thoughtful readers who invariably feel like friends. I am grateful, grateful, grateful for that exchange and for the support you’ve shown Improvised Life.

Going forward, I plan to continue publishing as I am able.

For readers who have generously given their financial support: This unspecified pace is not what you signed up for and I entirely understand if you wish to suspend or reduce your support, “no guilt, no blame”. You can make changes to your donation by logging into your DonorBox account. If you have any concerns, please feel free to email me: [email protected].

With gratitude,


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12 replies on “A Letter from Sally about Improvised Life

  1. Sally, My deepest gratitude for all you have created at Improvised Life and all (no matter the speed or volume) that is to come. That you are finding more ideas of delight and uplift than you are able to publish right now a most hopeful admission! I found I.L. in the midst of the pandemic and it has been a lifeline!
    Prayers for you as you travel your healing journey….for miraculous new information that leads you back to vibrant improvisational life!

    A. Love

  2. Sally, as the Quakers say, I am ‘holding you in the light.’ Onward!

  3. Glad you are taking care of yourself. Good things are worth waiting for, and IL is a good thing.

  4. heal and be well. I, for one, will still be here.

  5. I will always be there and grateful for everything you bring to us, to me. Please: take care and I’ll be there waiting. And always happy to read you!

  6. I can’t remember how I found IL but I have been following you for many, many years. IL has provided this rural gal a glimpse into larger worlds (as have your cookbooks!) and I am always grateful. Best wishes for your healing 🙂

  7. I just recently discovered your wonderful commentary and all of the rich content you provide. So much to read, I have a lot to catch up on. Thank you for your contributions in making this planet shine a little brighter. You have certainly added to the richness of my experience here. I have in turn shared your blog with another dear friend who I know will appreciate and cherish your thoughts, insights and discoveries.
    Take your time re-energize. I’ll be waiting to discover the new while enjoying your extensive catalog.
    All the very best to you.

  8. Thank you for your generous words. I love knowing that this reverberation has gone on for years for you!!!! I’m doing better, slowly…

  9. Thank you for your words and for bearing with. It is slow slow slow, but definitely progress and a lot of illumination.

  10. Thanks for your very kind words. I is so great to hear from a person discovering Improvised Life for the first time, and getting it, and delighting in it. A tonic!

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