Clothes to Draw, Write, Paint On

At Kleidersachen, a German tumblr whose name name literally translates dresses things, sublime examples of out-there clothing and textiles had us transfixed, culling ideas right and left on a variety of themes, in awe, inspired. To start, we’re thinking about neutral apparel that can be drawn, painted, written on.

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Stylish Fashion from Your Fridge + Market

Virginia del Giudice sent us these utterly fab, seriously-stylish fashions made of fruits, vegetables and a few strokes of a brush. Gretchen Roehrs, who has reinterpreted Givenchy and Sonia Rykiel, has some serious X-ray vision, to SEE the possibilities in the most ordinary vegetables and fruits.

We wish that getting dressed were as easy as opening our refrigerator and grab a leaf of chard or kale to wear. We’ve discovered that…

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Mindshift: Imagine Wearing Someone Else’s Outfit (or Body)

Artist Qozop juxtaposed the dress of youths with that of their elders in an project designed to show that societal beliefs and traditions are often reflected through the clothing we wear, especially in Asian cultures. By swapping the clothing of youths and their elderly relatives, Qozop literally places them in the others shoes. We’ve been using Qozop’s strategy as an interesting exercise in imagination.

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