How This Lovely Gif Helped Us Discover ‘The Future is Space’

When we found this gif, we thought “How beautiful. That is the wondrous globe we are riding around on every day.“ We started following trails and inviting connectors —the daily practice of Improvised Life —and suddenly there was a poem by Pablo Neruda we had never read before, whose last line led us full circle to perfection.

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Gif of the Week: Roller Coaster Ride

If this gif doesn’t show up, click HERE to see it full size. Televandalist created this inspired “GIF of a Vine of a video of a flipbook of a GIF of a video of a roller coaster”. It was created using Flipbookit.   It is exactly how we felt last week during our friend’s hospital emergency. Seeing…

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Gif of the Week: Human Optical Illusion

Sorry, this gif just doesn’t want to stay published on our site. Just click here to make it pop out.   Somebody spent a lot of creative thought, time, cardboard and energy making these seven seconds happen… Amazement!   via Holton Rower via

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