linda ellerbee on change

A few days ago, we heard the great Linda Ellerbee speak about her long, ever-surprising career in journalism, and her life. We have her voice saying “And so it goes” in our heads STILL from the great news show, Weekend. For the past 21 years, so she’s been hosting Nick News, a news show for kids that is…

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‘experimenting with your own life is the most fundamental medium we have’

We found this wonderful quote in a New York Times Magazine piece about Natalie Jeremijenko, an artist with degrees in biochemistry, physics, computer science and electrical engineering, whose latest work  involves designing interfaces that “will facilitate interactions between humans and nonhumans”, lately fish. Jeremijenko pretty much nailed it: our lives ARE the fundamental medium we…

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obsessive wingsuit flight through a hole in a mountain

(Video link here.) Wingsuit pilot Alexander Polli saw a hole in a mountain’s rocky outcropping and just had to try flying through it.  He practiced aiming and controlling his flight over and over until he just went ahead and…flew…right…..THROUGH… …at 155 miles per hour. Polli “hopes his success will inspire others not only to ‘climb…

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‘my dinner with andre’ on the meaning of life + coffee

(Video link here.)  One of our favorite films has long been My Dinner with Andre, which is, on the surface, a conversation between two friends during dinner in a French restaurant in New York City. Andre Gregory vividly describes his revelatory, new-ageish, risk-taking experiences in experimental theatre while his modest less-adventurous friend Wally Shawn listens and…

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aren’t we all somehow astronauts? (revised + reposted)

Ed White of Gemeini 4 (1965!)  during the first American EVA i.e. extra-vehicular activity, done by an astronaut outside of a spacecraft beyond the Earth’s appreciable atmosphere. The term most commonly applies to a spacewalk. This is what we’re really all doing in some way, right? … …Soon after we first posted this, we found The Fu