Your History of Distruptive Ideas

One of the best end-of-the-year “lists” we’ve come across is Businessweek’s The 85 Most Disruptive Ideas in Our History. We’ve loaded it onto our phone to read in spare moments about the influence of the Polaroid, whiteboards, contact lenses, smartphones, the sharing economy, bottled water, Power Point, Parkinson’s Law, Open Source, and Motown, to name a few.…

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Underwater Film Break with Néry’s “Narcose”

(Video link HERE.) This intoxicating little under-sea film by Julie Gautier follows record-holding deep diver Guillaume Néry down, down until he experiences the confusion and euphoria of high-pressure nitrogen narcosis. A little bit scary and very much lovely, this thirteen-minute journey into the depths of the ocean and Néry’s hallucinations will throw you far out of your daily…

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School Girl Parcour

(Video link HERE.) In the annals of “breaking stereotypes” is this thrilling, mind-boggling, closer-than-bird’s-eye view of two Japanese schoolgirls doing seriously Ninja Parcour — usually the realm of young men — all around the city of Atami. YES!!!!!!  

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