annals of bad design: light in your eyes

At first glance, this attic bedroom seems utterly cozy and charming, until we imagined ourselves lying in bed with the light on, and the light bulb glaring in our field of vision, since we’d be looking right into the underside of the light (hot, too!)  We’re wondering if the designer was so smitten with the…

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ceiling task light redux: the mother of all task lights

When we wrote about suspending task lights from the ceiling, we never imagined THIS possibility: the spider-like mother-of-all-task-lights designed by Ron Giliad for Moooi. It’s available at Modern Light for about $4,000, OR you could buy sixteen adjustable task lights for about $20 each and rig one. (Even if you had an iron-worker make the…

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task lights suspended from the ceiling

We came across this picture on Emma’s blog and thought Brilliant! Floor lights suspended from the ceiling! It’s a play on one of our favorite themes: Using things in unexpected ways, turning them upside-down… These flexible task lights have a wonderfully sculptural look and allow you to adjust the lighting to your…task: perfect over a…

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