Le Corbusier’s Iconic Chair in Pallet Wood, Concrete, Pipe

Of all the shipping pallet creations we’ve come across, this has to be one of the most stylish. It is curiously reminiscent of Le Corbusier’s famous chrome-and-black-leather Grand Confort chair. In pallet wood! It is one of the many brilliant hacks and revisions we’ve seen of the iconic, now-uibiquitous chair… …since we came across interior designer…

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Vibrating Bed Fix #438: Homemade Concrete Block Bed Legs + Sorbothane

Since I last posted the Vibrating Bed Mystery Contest Update in October, I’ve tried MANY solutions to toning down the vibration that shakes me awake in my bed each night. Sleep-deprived and desperate, I pursued fixes by trial-and-error while entering into deep research into the nature of vibration, how it travels, what materials amplify it…esoteric stuff for a lay person. 

Then an engineer who had worked at the Mayo clinic took an interest in my dilemma, which led to a BIG adventure in pouring concrete, LEAPING into unknown territory and being willing to fail.

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Combat Boots with Grosgrain Ribbon Laces

Lately, we’ve been on the hunt for a practical pair of walking boots for our suddently-sensitive with a tender sprained tendon. “Tie shoes are best”, said the physical therapist, “for support”. Ugh. Combat boots seem a stylish possibility but so many seem kind of tough looking. Until we stumbled on a lovely solve: grosgrain ribbon…

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Alicia Nunez House: “A Balanced Personal Ecosystem”

We recently stumbled on two images at Aqqindex simply titled “Alicia Nunez house”. We were knocked out by the feeling of the space and its many interesting ideas: concave ceiling and angled walls, built-in niches, bricks positioned sideways, a long ledge for sleeping and reading with more niches…the living area steps up, from shiny dark tile to a…

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Maria Robledo: Still-Lifes While Making Soup

Every once in a while, photographer Maria Robledo emails images she has made in-the-moment, in response to whatever was going on around her. They are invariably startling and illuminating; Maria sees like no one we know. Her way has opened our eyes over the years. This time, she showed us the marvels of root vegetables. While she was cutting the vegetables for soup (recipe to follow), she turned them into little still-lives with an unexpected whimsy.

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Rare Woods Salvaged from Shipping Pallets, Transformed

Artist, designer, craftsman, longtime friend Jamison Sellers solves a bit of the ethical wood-sourcing dilemma by delving into the world of shipping pallets. He explores these familiar, reclaimed objects on a much finer scale than most by collecting bits and pieces of coveted woods (and even again recycling his own shop scraps from past projects) to create ornamental patterning inspired…

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