Aretha: How to Be A Soul Survivor

Soul Survivor, David Remnick’s moving profile of complex, mysterious, brilliant, notoriously infuriating singer Aretha Franklin, sent us looking for videos of the great diva in action. We stumbled on this rough beauty of seventy-something Aretha playing piano herself, in a mode that was more churchlike gospel – her roots — than theater performance. If you’re tired or troubled, or need uplift to your day, her groove will hearten you.

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Inspiration + Improvisation from Mozart in the Jungle

(Video link here.) We spent part of the weekend binge watching the truly funny, inspired Mozart in the Jungle on Amazon, about what happens when a young, brash, wildly creative maestro takes the helm of a symphony orchestra. It is rich with inspired moments —and improvisation —, like the beauty above. We’re thinking that the mission the maestro gives his assistant is…

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