Platform21calls themselves a design platform (“curiously exploring”, “strangely optimistic”) but other people call them change agents, and that definitely describes them. Witness their latest project, Repair Manifesto. In eloquent, energizing statements, it expounds the coolness of repair. (Check out #5 and #7.) It has hit a nerve, racing through the internet like wildfire.

Platform21 hopes to start a movement of repair, of people sharing knowledge and skills about how to repair things, inspiring each other. Their website is a hub of information, labs, events, contests, talks, dialogues, and photos that inspire and facilitate repair.

There are repairs by artists, like Jan Vormann, who uses Leggos to patch old structures….


…and repairs by ordinary folk (like this one from There, I Fixed It)…


…..which is Platform21’s point: amateur and professional creativity in a dialogue.       “..revealing the making process…showing and sharing the process of creation is a powerful way to engage a broad audience in divers aspects of design.

“The making process”…Wish I’d though of that.

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6 replies on “repair manifesto is a force!

  1. This reminds me of an essay by Wendell Berry called “Why I Am Not Going to Buy a Computer,” that appears in his book “What Are People For?” As anachronistic as that essay must seem in this day and age, it is a brief, inspirational and wonderful read. In it, Berry lists nine different “standards” that he follows when he decides to adopt a new technology or purchase a new tool of some sort. Several deal with repair. He states that one should only purchase new tools that can be repaired by someone of ordinary intelligence (if they have the needed tools) or repairable as near to home as possible. His essay was written in 1987 and throughout the book he espouses the importance of local. I highly recommend that people read this book, which also contains his wonderful essay, “The Pleasures of Eating.” Platform 21 sounds like they are in synch with Berry!

  2. Linda, thank you so much for your comment. I was not aware of this book – though a fan of Wendell Berry – and have just ordered it (it’s out-of-print). And have made a note to start mulling a post about him, with yours as the excellent kick-start.

  3. I’m honored that you might post about Mr. Berry based on my comment. I hope you will. More people need to read him! I am aware that “What Are People For?” is out of print. I think there are dealers on amazon and elsewhere online that sell out of print books. I often find Berry books in used bookstores and have added many to my collection that way. He is publishing a new book this fall titled, “Bringing It to the Table: On Farming and Food.” I’m really looking forward to that book. By the way, I love you on “The Splendid Table.”

  4. I first learned of Wendell Berry from an organic farmer at the Union Square Market who has become a friend. Keith Stewart is also a wonderful writer (though I don’t know how he finds the time), writing regularly for The Valley Table, a Hudson Valley magazine, and author of a lovely book called “It’s a Long Road to A Tomato: Tales of an Organic Farmer Who Quit the Big City for the (Not So) Simple Life. He writes about farming in a way that is way more than about farming.

    So the connections keep happening, circling round….

  5. Dear Sally and team, Im very happy that you are back with your inventory and full of energy. As a journalist – I have a magazine and a website, CartaCapital, in Brazil – I can imagine how stressfull was the time that you’ve been out of web and with no answers if you are going to retrieve your precious work. I admired the transparency you dealed with the situation.
    It’s a joy to read you every morning. Thanks!
    Kind regards

  6. Thanks so much Manuela. SO great to know you are reading in Brazil!
    Being transparent actually benefited ME, as many readers came forward to help and hearten. It got me through. And the whole experience has made me regroup…always good!

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