Henry Miller on How to Know What to Do Next

In this teeny clip found at the great @_nitch, American writer Henry Miller described his essential philosophy of living. It is an amazingly good antidote for anxiety and a guide to how to know what to do next. Which is really the creative process…

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Lesson for an Open Heart

After an extended pause from Improvised Life seeing my friend through open heart surgery, all is well. The surgery was successful, and my friend is slowly recovering. Through weeks of ICU and the unpredictable processes of healing, we have felt the powerful effect of the simplest of things: Kindness.

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How to Make Shadow Magic

“Just a pair of hands and a whole lot of clever imagination” perfectly describes this 1933 film from British Pathe. The performer moves his hands slowly so that the audience can see how the shape is formed. The setup is minimal: a darkened room, a bare patch of wall, a light source to cast shadows.…

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