A Letter from Sally about Improvised Life

Much has changed since I launched Improvised Life 14 or so years ago in a wonderful big LEAP that would engender 4700 posts on a wild range of subjects. Lately, postings have become less frequent and I wanted to tell you why and how I’ll be moving forward from here…

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Ode to Eggs (Let Me Count the Ways…)

Although a lot of people complain about the price of eggs, we think they are a bargain. One or two can still make a mighty meal for under two bucks. And there are ENDLESS ways to cook treat them. To spark egg possibility-thinking, we reprise our edit of Renee Schettler Rossi’s “All Hail the Mighty Egg” that appeared in in Leite’s Culinaria some years ago: inspired ideas fueled by memory, passion and hunger.

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