In an interview with Krista Tippett of On Being, Dr. Vivek Murthy, 21st Surgeon General of the United States shared the short meditation he relies on when he is low. It’s a gem: a simple way to regain a feeling of connection and calm. (You can listen to or read the full interview here.)

Murthy is an unexpected wise man in a government post…

All of us, regardless of what walk of life we’re in, we have the ability to shine a light on the bright spots. Whether those are relationships that bring joy or movements in our community that are helping grow connection — it’s where we choose to focus our attention, it’s where we use our power to focus the attention of others that ultimately determines whether or not we create more light in the world or more darkness.

We also love checking in with Yogi Bryan, who has a similar practice with a very different approach:

He has a way of cutting right to the heart of the matter….

We’re thinking he is the person to recommend when someone says they can’t meditate. Somehow his wild man meditations never fail to effect a shift.

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