Improvised Life is a treasury of inspiring ideas for inventive living. It features unique solutions to daily challenges, from home design and cooking, to productivity and self-expression, to matters of the spirit and heart. Its mission is to surprise, illuminate, and spark new ways of looking at the everyday.

It was founded in 2009 by Sally Schneider, an award-winning journalist, editor, syndicated columnist, radio commentator, and stylist who once wrangled 600 live snails for an Irving Penn photograph. Her very improvisational work has been the laboratory for Improvised Life. (Read more about Sally here.)

Improvised Life is a rare clear space with NO ads or branded content; it is supported solely by its readers.

New ideas once or twice a month, with random postings here and there. We hit a snag the past few months. Please read A Letter from Sally about Improvised Life, here.