Stephen Falke via The Style Files
Stephen Falcke via The Style Files

Over the past few months, I’ve found myself clipping pictures of walls decorated with groupings of simple, often primitive round or oval objects that make for a clean, unexpectedly modern design. Repetitions of baskets, plates, wooden bowls become a great deal more than the sum of their parts: abstract patterns made of “storied” elements. 

via Hoping for Happy Accidents
via Hoping for Happy Accidents
via Remodelista
via Remodelista

You could use any shape, really. The effect comes from grouping like shapes on a neutral palette, as Andy Warhol did with his Time Capsules – ordinary cardboard boxes, all the same size, lined up on metal shelving.

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2 replies on “grouped “rounds” as modern wall art

  1. It full of circles, and circles, and circles! That would make my head spin! But i’d like to design my own grouped circles for my bed room!

  2. In PR I once saw a coral/red wall in a hotel decorated with a splash of hot glued-on seashells–all white–to similar effect. It transformed the dreary conference room into a coral reef. It referred to the environment nicely, without being kitschy.

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