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In any creative endeavor, downtime is essential; breaking the routine, wandering, dreaming are a different kind of fuel than DOING.  So I’m gonna follow my own advice and take some time off to recharge: no posting on the blog, or any other official writing, for a week. I’m going to Finland, to look for Alvar Aalto, Dora Jung, wild mushrooms, cloud berries, and treasures yet to be discovered.

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll browse ‘theimprovisedlife’s archive for daily inspiration…

…to draw in the sand….

…..or make your own music….

….or a chocolate cake…..

…repair something…..

…or make a tape painting……

….or imagine your dream house….

….orjust poke around


See you August 24th!

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4 replies on “gone (to finland)

  1. Have a great trip. Good luck on your search for cloudberries. They look amazing!

  2. Thank you. I’ve already found many things to blog. Inspiring! See you next week!

  3. Next time you don’t need to travel so far afield.
    You can find cloud berries in Newfoundland but they call them bakeapples.

    I’m late to the party but am so much enjoying this web site.
    I have your cookbooks, my favourites.

  4. Hey, send some cloud berries over here! They are so delish. And welcome to Improvised Life. So glad you found it!

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