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‘the improvised life’ is about following links, paths and connections, letting one thing lead to another to unexpected discoveries; it’s what I do daily to write the blog. And everyday, I’m surprised.

I can’t remember where I found this beautiful photograph*; I clipped it for the Surprise Box (the box with the ribbon on the right)  and couldn’t follow the path back to it. Googling the name embedded in the image lead me first to a Wikipedia entry of ‘Giuseppi Logan‘, an esteemed though little-known saxaphone player with a cult following and a mysterious story. Then I stumbled on this video and listened to him playing Begin the Beguine a capella; I felt like a gift had dropped in my lap.

Clicking on ‘more info’on the YouTube page will tell you about Giuseppe and how and why he disappeared for years, having studied at the New England Conservatory of Music and cut two records: he hit true, terrible hard times. It includes the equally touching words of Suzannah B. Troy, the woman who made the video in Thompkins Square Park and helped find him again:

“…in that moment I felt I made a film, a powerful one that told a story with a 150 dollar camera and no crew. The typo [that she had millions] reflects an imperfect but heart soul felt production and I do believe a film will be made down the road, an “urban Shine” that will tell his story and also a story about the drug laws being too harsh but most of all the enduring quality of the human spirit and the passion to creativity.”

Here’s the story on WFMU’s blog, with photos, video and a sampling of Giuseppe’s music.

… this is one of the everyday miracles of ‘the improvised life’.

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4 replies on “music for monday: finding giuseppe logan


    Hi and thanks for your caring and passion for Giuseppie “Guiseppi” (spelling with an i on the record covers from the 1960’s) Logan. I just filmed him today in the park so this new tube is one in an ongoing series that I made in to a playlist.

    I am exhausted — NYC stress and living so of course there is a typo… but enjoy and be moved. If you are in Tompkins Square Park please stop by and say hello to Giuseppie.

    There was a power piece written by Pete Gershon in Signal to Noise “out from the shadow” which is a must read.

    All the best and thank goodness for everyday miracles!!!!!
    Suzannah B. Troy
    beyond exhausted…but happy in this improvised moment…

  2. Lee, of 2or3things, It IS possible I saw that picture on your site, which I’m a big fan of, though I seem to remember it being a one-off, lone photo… perhaps on a blog that didn’t attribute their source. But I’m glad to know its origins and zig-zag path: from Assembly New York’s idea to use Giuseppi Logan as a model for their clothes (and make gorgeous photos), to your post on 2or3things, and on…I will be sure to give in the credit post.

    This is the latest in a 21 part YouTube series documentary on Giuseppi Logan.
    Since I first filmed him — he has now made a successful new CD and also been reunited with his only child from his 2nd marriage that I found YouTube footage of holding hands together in the same park Tompkins 40 plus years ago filmed by a British Filmmaker with GL’s original composition playing in the background.
    This is a kind of youtube miracle.

    thanks and best…..

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