Amidst the images of devastation and loss coming out of Haiti yesterday were some symbols of of hope. Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres), whose medical facilities in Haiti were destroyed during the earthquake, were able to set up remarkable inflatable hospitals as triage centers ministering to devastated Port au Prince. They were there, even as other relief workers were finding it almost impossible to get through. It seems as though Doctors Without Borders is always “there” somehow.

In Greece many years ago I met a women who volunteered as a nurse for MSF. She would leave her life on the beautiful island of Chios on a moments notice to give service in the most dire of situations. What fierce stuff she is made of, I thought, unable to imagine having the strength to experience all that she had.

And although I often hear people talking about doing something rather than “just giving money”, sometimes giving money is the most effective thing we can do for the moment: a way of giving support to those who are there helping those in such dire need.

Perhaps sending money is our first line of action. (That and bearing witness…What other things can you think to do?). Charity Navigator has posted a list of charities it’s rated as effective, transparent, and making the most of their donations. Click here to donate to Doctors Without Borders.

The other amazing image today was a video of an impromptu march in Port au Prince, of people who had lost so much singing loudly, forthrightly, in affirmation of their their big spirit, and life.

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