Since we posted  The Oil Spill: What You Can Do, we’ve seen lots of websites offering solutions that echo a common sentiment: whether we like it or not, we are all in this together; the risky actions of oil companies are fueled by demand, which we all contribute to. That reminded J.P. Townley of the World War II strategy of conservation in a time of crisis, when EVERYONE had to pitch in, cut back, live with less. Posters asked “Is your trip necessary? Needless travel interferes with the war effort.”Is your trip necessary” applies now more than ever, so Townley designed an updated poster..

We view “Is your trip necessary” as code words for an even bigger question:

Are the ways we are spending our energy really necessary? By energy, we don’t just mean oil and electricity…but our own precious energies as well. Asking “what’s really necessary” helps us to consider and edit our wants, whittle them down a bit to get to what’s important. Perhaps in that way, we can collectively begin to pare down some of the activities that are causing imbalances like oils spills, or crazy debt or…simply being overwhelmed or tired.

What if we just air condition one room instead of the whole house…or share a ride in our car or…bike, walk…?  What if we don’t buy that new fabulous thing, and save a bit of cash for peace of mind?

Click here to read Maggie Koerth-Baker’s great salient argument about how all this can work to reduce our need for oil (and other things).

via BoingBoing

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