The Spanish guerrilla collective  flo6x8 has been making a series of benignly disruptive and moving actions in banks, as protest for what they believe is a corrupt system. They favor flamenco, with its varied roots most famously Andalucian Gypsy culture, as their means of expression, most often with dancing or singing.

Last December, flo6x8 slipped into one of the branches of Banco Santander in Seville. In league with a “radio station friend “, they broadcast wild flamenco throughout the bank. ”  Then they started to dance, so joyfully and passionately that some of the bank’s customers joined in. (Check out the woman in the yellow coat trying to get the steps).

flo6x8 actions, shown in the many videos on their website, are compelling pieces of performance art, like this lone woman singing a haunting song acapella in a bank.

via BoingBoing

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3 replies on “guerrilla dance goes viral in a spanish bank

  1. Sally–Please always capitalize the word, Gypsy. They are a people.
    I know you don’t intend it that way, but to lowercase the name is incorrect and an insult. (I am speaking both as me, and as a board member of the Gypsy Lore Society.

  2. Should also have said that this is a wonderful post.

  3. I first came upon the video on BoingBoing, whose writer called the dance a “rumba” taking a cue from the YouTube title. It didn’t seem right, because the rumba is of Cuban origins and this seemed like Flamenco to me (which it turned out to be) and which would make it a very specific statement. Online dictionaries didn’t help, but my trusty old Collliers Spanish dictionary reminded me that rumba is a word for a ‘party’ or ‘celebration’.

    Addendum: Cara has advised me that ‘rumba’ is a form of Flamenco. I am learning A LOT with the post! Thanks Cara!

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