No sooner than we published our post about Steven Hawking than we came across a great post on Neatorama about 5 musicians who had serious injuries that they were told – or they assumed – would end their career,  from Django Reinhardt to The Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia and Chet Baker.  They all figured out a unique solution to their big constraint, and continued playing professionally.

They all defied conceptions of “disabled”. They were definitely – differently –  “abled”…

Many were inspired by Django Reinhardt, whose 3rd and 4th fingers on his left hand were paralyzed in an accident; he figured out how to play cords with just two fingers. Most share one essential: having a friend or family joining with them in finding the way, or a role model like Django, whose outside-the-box thinking inspired their own. Read the story here.

Check out this video of Django Reinhardt improvising with the Hot Club of France.

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