minimalist business card by Boris

Business cards can be so unimaginatively designed, that we are happy to post about innovative ones when we find them, as a reminder of the possibilities. We love this utterly succinct business card by Boris, although he got a good amount of flack about it on his site: some commenters complained that it doesn’t let people know what he does. It says enough for us; we get the gist (he is a”creative technologist” and general smarty pants).

It segues with an idea we’ve been meaning to write about: of buying blank business cards and then writing what you want on them ‘in the moment’, tailoring the info to the person you’re giving it to.. These days, many of us have multiple business and personal identities anyway—why not personalize a business card depending on the opportunity at hand?

We found these personalized wallet cards at Levenger….

Other options include buying Avery Linen-Textured Clean Edge Business Cards that come in perforated sheets OR simply having a printer professionally cut a ream of beautiful heavy-weight paper to business card size.

via Kottke

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One thought on “minimalist business cards (why not blank ones?)

  1. Boris’ card is perfectly sufficient. We call them “business” cards because we associate them with identifying and marketing a business enterprise. But in today’s mixed world of business and social interaction, what we actually share are “contact” cards. And for that, all you need is the basics, as Boris’ card perfectly illustrates. And if you haven’t a website, Twitter account, or Facebook page to share (or prefer not to), you can always use the URL to your LinkedIn profile page–which happens to be very useful for those seeking a minimalist way to promote their professional careers/skills.

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