photo: sally schneider

When we embarked on our renovation and move, we failed to realize the endless tiny details that make life liveable, and which we take for granted…like door pulls. We recently blogged the red twine pull a friend rigged in place of a bathroom door knob. Then another friend came up with a surprisingly chic version of the makeshift pulls contractors routinely devise out of masking tape and duct tape (Masking tape is put on the inside of the door under the folded duct tape to prevent the strong glue of duct tape damaging the paint.)

This makeshift pull’s austere beauty comes from having been made from Gorilla Tape, a super strong opaque black tape made by the Gorilla glue people. Our friend chose it because the pull had to be able to open a door held closed by strong magnets (which he’s using to gradually “train” the 8-foot warped plywood door to straighten out…which it is.)

We love the pull so much, and think it looks SO good, we might just leave it…

photo: sally schneider

….they are on a par with Holton Rower’s d-i-y leather door pulls.

And of course Gorilla Tape is great to have on hand for all sorts of uses: Made with double thick adhesive, strong reinforced backing, and a tough all-weather shell it bonds to things ordinary tapes can’t, including brick, stucco, and wood…

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One thought on “chic, minimalist gorilla tape cabinet door pulls

  1. Cheap, minimalistic, and practical. I like it! I’m a bit obsessive about keeping gorilla tape around, but I’m not sure I have a place to try this right now. Very cool idea though.

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