Lately, readers who have seen our ongoing, increasingly obsessive postings of people leaping – an obvious and beautiful metaphor for taking a leap – have been sending sightings on the theme of leaping and jumping. This morning, Cynthia Allen alerted us to the fab Jumping in Art Museums.

Sometimes, while visiting art museums and galleries, people get so excited by what they see that they have to jump for joy. They send photos of their Art Jumping to me and I post them to share with the rest of the art-loving world.

These are people jumping for pure joy, which great art can give in one big, often unexpected dose. It made people like Katie from Saginaw, Michigan jump for “The Divers” by Fernand Lèger at the MoMA in NYC (above) and Clayton from Silverlake, CA jump for an unknown street artist on Sunset Boulevard.


It made Mary bounce on Jeremy Deller’s Sacrilege, a life-size inflatable Stonehenge at Glasgow Green:


…and Todd from Edmonds, Washington jump for the Schönbrunn Palace, designed by baroque architect Bernhard Fischer von Erlach at the end of the 17th century in Vienna, Austria:


April leaped  for Spectrum V by Ellsworth Kelly at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York


Some of these pictures kill us: a moment of pure joy CAUGHT, and reverberating still…

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2 replies on “jumping for…art n’ joy!

  1. There’s just something that lifts the heart seeing people jumping isn’t there?! I in particular love the street artist and guy jumping. I’d love just to put that photo itself on a wall. So colourful and joyful and his shadow there. It speaks of possibilities.

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words about the blog! Glad you liked it!

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