(Video link here.) A writer we know confessed her method to us: when she was blocked, she just lay down and read something completely unrelated until she fell asleep. It’s like shutting down a computer. When she woke up, she’d usually be able to continue her work.

OMG, we do that too! We were SO happy to hear it, our nap breaks always having come with soupçon of guilt, as essential as we know them to be.  When you’re doing creative work, sometimes the answers – or results – just come slowly, and you need to get your focus off them.

This video is another “retreat” we found useful. The slow motion of the giant waves and imagining what it must be like to be gliding along in the middle of one is mesmerizing, and refreshing.

Still, we’re left with the question: What happens to those surfers when the fine ride ends, and they are roiled in that powerful surf…or do they somehow find their way to the low smooth “throat” of the wave and swim through?

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One thought on “mental health break: riding teahupo’o waves in slo-mo

  1. Very very BIG .
    I wanted to see these waves in real time.
    I recommend it.


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