chic paper shades
photo: magnus mårding

These recent pictures spotted on Desire to Inspire affirmed the enduring chic of noguchi-esque paper shades, a subject we’ve posted about before since so many true mid-century modern houses relied on them. The formula is simple: a hanging cord fixture + a paper shade, either a large globe or an obloid shape.

chic paper shades
photo: magnus mårding

You can go for the real Noguchi Akari Ceiling Lights, or almost-identical inexpensive Japanese paper lanterns available from Shoji Decor (which come in many shapes and sizes)…

As for the cord set, we’ve noticed that most of the hard-wired ones only take 60-75 watt bulbs, not bright enough for our money. A solution is to buy this 100 watt plug-in set and hardwire it (you’ll find some good info here, or hand it over to an electrician is there are grounding issues), and use the ceiling plate from a hard-wired kit.

via desire to inspire
photos courtesy Magnus Mårding

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