Years ago we started moving our holidays toward minimalist, in part to unhook from some of the frenetic (and stressful) activity of the season. Decoration-wise, we put a few elements around that makes us feel the season without being a big deal: some fragrant pine branches from a friend’s farm, some beautifully sculptural ornaments from the ’60’s, a long strong of tiny white lights askew on a window sill.

These ideas, found at The Style Files, are in the same simple mode. Branches of Winterberry Hollies hung with an origami ornament double as a flower arrangement. You can buy three stars made out of vintage book pages for about $10 at P‘s Etsy shop OR make your own. We found a trove of origami stars how-to’s —along with animals, birds, airplanes, flowers — that would make for fine ornaments.

Although we don’t love the magaziney images that comprise this holiday wall tree, we DO like the idea. We can think of of much more interesting and meaningful images…of friends and family, or of places we’ve loved, or artworks….

Perhaps our favorite holiday adornment: a single ornament hung in an unexpected place.


via The Style Files

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