We’re amazed by “Tatek’s Cabin” in Velebit, Croatia spotted on the ever-great Cabin Porn We find ourselves looking closely at the image to see all the materials Tatek used, as we wonder about its evolution. Was it wood-framed to start, then clad in sheets of aluminum? Who piled up the boulder’s on the left side; do they act as a kind of support? What’s it like inside?

Whatever its story, it’s a fine example of homesteading: forging a snug shelter out of whatever materials seem to make sense, or you have access to, that do the job. It looks warm and secure under the stars.

via Cabin Porn via Šime Basioli


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2 replies on “Elemental Dream Cabin Clad in Aluminum

  1. It was wood framed from the start, vertical beams on the corners, horizontal beams at the start of the roof slope and angled beams for supporting the roof. Raw stonework is leftover from times long past when this place was populated during summer months with shepherds that brought their sheep herds for summer grazing in the highlands (600+ m above sea level) because lower pastures would become dry and devoid of grass due to early spring livestock grazing and later on due to high summer temperatures.
    Back then every family used to have a raw stonework ‘house’ covered with tree branch roof in the highlands of Velebit for the sake of shelter while they watched over their herds, not 30 years ago the meadow of Stap would hold over 2000 sheep and half as many goats. It is a place in Velebit that has very rich culture, tradition and history, and is quite magical in its own meaning. Al visitors should strive to keep it as clean as possible from nowadays ‘manure'(=plastic waste..etc).
    Greetings from Knez Domagoj

  2. Greetings back. And thank you deeply for the wonderful and illuminating description.

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