This image of a charming plywood platform bed reminded us of the late Tobias Wong’s bed made of a mattress on top of a grouping of file cabinets.  No need for an OFFICIAL bed, of the grand style seen on every home blog and magazine. A good mattress on a flat sturdy slab is a simple formula. And that slab can be anything, from the floor… 

stylist Jeffrey Miller’s bed looks pristine and slighly monkish…

Jeffrey Miller bed on floor
Wendy Goodman

…to a low defining platform via Donald Judd…


…to pallets in various stacks and combinations. Martin Kippenberger made a pallet-ish bed platform from the 1980’s


…but found or bought shipping pallets do the trick just fine...

shipping pallet bed 4

German designer Fabian Gatermann created a concept room in a design hostel called the cube room,

An assemblage of crates takes it to another level (literally)..

Alessandro Capellaro via
Alessandro Capellaro


Top image via Remodelista 

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