We keep stumbling on brilliantina interior designer Andrée Putman‘s clever, simple, visionary plays on ordinary objects. Here she hacked a clawfoot tub way-before-her-time, by replacing the claw feet with giant balls to give the tub a completely “other” modern look. It retains the comforing depth, length and back-slope of the classic clawfoot.

Putman used this tub idea in a number of interiors, some times forging the balls out of marble or other stone. The premise is totally doable…


…The claw feet of the classic tub are bolted on, and so can be unbolted (There’s lots of info and videos online.)  We once had 9-inch in diameter hard-wood balls made to do a similar thing with a kitchen island. WHY NOT buy or have stone hard wood balls made and afixed to a tub?


What we love most is Putman’s thinking: she retained the beautiful lines and feel of the classic clawfoot tub and modernized it by changing the feet.

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One thought on “Re-envisioning the Clawfoot Tub via Andrée Putman

  1. I think those balls on the bottom of the tubs are really ugly. Looks like some kind of a cartoon bathtub with balloons and are not elegant at all.

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