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4 replies on “Thank You to Our New Subscribers!!

  1. Happy to! I will say, however, that I would have been totally fine with the (judicious) use of ads, which would not have affected my readership at all. Particularly if you’re able to choose only businesses or products that you respect to advertise on the site, in an unobtrusive way (collapsible sidebar, etc)?

  2. “Juducious use of ads is the key.” My research showed that minimal ads don’t generate very much revenue and would be quite a maintenance problem. We are going to soon launch a store that collates all the items we’ve posted about and think are really great, good value, worth buying. Not just “stuff”. (:

  3. Thanks Sally! A “store” feature with product/service recommendations sounds awesome – and would be some great immediate gratification for the “where can you get the ____ from your photo/post?” questions we all have so often 🙂

  4. I figured it would be a nice service to round up all the cool things we post about so that people can find them easily, or buy them as gifts. No garbage though. Just good stuff, good value. We hope to open in a couple of weeks.

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